Inspiration - Dior Summer 2010 collection

Dior SS10 01 detail

Ok, so this weekend and next week will be all about SS10. Since Mr. Galliano decided to be inspired by film-noir, Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart we´ll all propably be refashioning trench coats next spring. Trench coats are yet again one of those materials that is widely available secondhand and cheap. Plus those jackets are ugly so they need some work. Take note to the material when looking for one, more natural fibre the better. I recomment buying not one, but two or three similar colored trench coats. It always helps to have loads of material available even if you´re just making just one piece.

Woollen jacket as evening wear. Cut out the shoulders and sleeves and fold the fabric from them as big decorative ribbons. This would look super also make from a trench coat. Place a corset top underneath and it will hold the jacket in place.

Dior SS10 04 detail

Secondhand nude colored underwear corsets make eveningwear when layered with different black lace and satin ribbons.

Dior SS10 06 detail
Dior SS10 05 detail
Dior SS10 08 detail

Vintage corsets make very good basis for constructing evening dresses. And it just looks better if you leave some of the corset visible.

Dior SS10 09 detail

This dress I made back in 2006. It was also inspired by one of Galliano's previous collections (Summer 2003). The dress is in three parts: jacket is reconstructed from a quality wool Italian secondhand men´s suit, the corset is vintage and the skirt is made from the suit pants. One of my fav recon projects of all time...

Reconstructed dress (men´s suit + secondhand corset)
Inspiration book - Dior SS03

Photos via Fashionologie and me. Photo credit FRANCOIS GUILLOT/AFP/Getty Images.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Great ideas! I adore Galliano, his "thing" is so consistent yet always surprising. Your Galliano inspired outfit is fabulous!

    I've been thinking of a nude coloured vintage corset on top of wide wool trousers, or maybe even with my grey suede trousers... Do you have any recommendations as where to look for good vintage underwear? Places like Play it again, Sam, I guess?

  2. Actually I've found all my vintage corsets at FIDA stores! Some from Espoo and some in Itäkeskus. Payed about 8-15 € each. But you have to visit the stores often. Only one corset has had cups in it, mostly they are just under-breast high so they can be worn over tops or shirts only :) I´m sure Play It Again Sam might also have them but they are more expensive for sure there.

  3. Thanks, good to know one can still find treasures at FIDA! I was a bit unclear, "cupless" corsets are exactly what I'm looking for right now! I love the effect on hips, layered on something loose, just like your dress.