Inspiration - Balmain Summer 2010 collection

Balmain Summer 2010 10 detail

Balmain designers must have cleared all of Paris from every last grommet, sequin and piece of chainmail in making this collection! Tina Turner (in Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome) was sure one of the inspirations. I won´t bother you with the complete collection images as you can find them on or Fashionologie. I´ll just concentrate on the details. View all images in my blog photos set.

Shoulder pieces and epaulettes made from chains, zippers (like the ones in the first image) and what not. Fabulous.

Balmain Summer 2010 01 detail
Balmain Summer 2010 08 detail
Balmain Summer 2010 15 detail
Balmain Summer 2010 20 detail
Balmain Summer 2010 02 detail
Balmain Summer 2010 14 detail
Balmain Summer 2010 12 detail

Sequinned tops and jackets with cut-outs. I´ve had a few 80´s style fully sequinned tops in my wardrobe for a while now unused. Know I know what to do with them!

Balmain Summer 2010 26 detail
Balmain Summer 2010 16 detail

Destroyed tees and armyshirts. I wonder if a cheese grinder would make the same result? And add some chainmail underneath the holes.

Balmain Summer 2010 25 detail
Balmain Summer 2010 06 detail
Balmain Summer 2010 23 detail

Via Fashionologie. Photographed by Karl Prouse/Catwalking/Getty Images.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. hello,
    please check out the music video showcasing the s/s 2010 collection for my line graey:

  2. wow. This is amazing. Talk about DIY insparation! And personally, I am SO loving the semi-dull bling with the hole-y shirts. I like this. Thanks for sharing!


  3. love the post. the pictures are so amazing and inspiring. thanks for a great post.