Inspiration from Elie Saab Summer 2010

Elie Saab Summer 2010 07

Inspiration from Elie Saab Summer 2010 collection. Pearl, bead and stud covered shoulder pads and padded shoulder pieces. When stocking up for a project like this, think big. 200 beads sounds a lot but does not cover as much as you´d think.. Go for 1000 or 2000. Takes forever to handsew but it is so worth the trouble. If you´re lazy, test if a gluegun will do the job faster. One trashion material that I´ve wanted to test (since high school!) in eveningwear is broken, crumbled up safetyglass.. Found most commonly at buss stops on a Sunday morning. Glued to an evening dress it would look like diamante frost.. The Photos via Firstview.

Elie Saab Summer 2010 08
Elie Saab Summer 2010 06
Elie Saab Summer 2010 03
Elie Saab Summer 2010 04
Elie Saab Summer 2010 04b
Elie Saab Summer 2010 01
Elie Saab Summer 2010 02

Broken safety glass.

broken safety glass 2
broken safety glass
broken safety glass 3

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. wow so pretty i especially love the hair!

  2. Mistä tuollaista peiliä voisi ostaa? Se ei siis ole lasia ollenkaan vai?
    - kiitos vastauksesta

  3. Jos tarkoitat noita kolmea vikaa kuvaa niin ne ovat rikkoutunutta turvalasia. Näen niitä joskus bussipysäkeillä kun joku on lievässä mielenhäiriössä iskenyt lasiseinän hajalle yön pikkutunneilla. :)

  4. i also looooove the hair! i've been trying to figure out how to do that with my own. what would you call that style so i can find a guide online?