A-line skirts to capes

A Perfect Guide pink cape 5

Does anyone else see a a-line skirt transformed here to a fashion cape? I do. You´ll nee a large thrifted skirt that has no visible pockets and the zipper preferably in the back.

How to do it:
1. Cut out the waist band and rip the zipper out.
2. Open the back seam. If there is no back seam, cut the back piece open from the middle. This will be your cape front.
2. Place the skirt over your shoulbers and pin the shoulderseam to mimic your shoulder shape. The seam can be just one line curving down from your shoulders or you can make it T-shaped.
3. Sew the shoulder seam.
4. Fold and finish the front opening.
5. Finish the neck opening with bias tape.
6. Cut two slits in front to be arm holes.
7. Decorate shoulders and front arm holes with for example lace and sequins.

Photos via A Perfect Guide.

A Perfect Guide pink cape 2
A Perfect Guide pink cape 1
A Perfect Guide pink cape 4
A Perfect Guide pink cape 3

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. what an amazingly fabulous idea! I wish I thought of it ;) GORGEOUS!

  2. Definately going to give this a go!!!

  3. I am definately going to try this...but....have you tried it? I think I am confused with out progress pictures. :) :) :) thanks for so much inspiration

  4. oh yes! i have the perfect black skirt for this! thank you!