Foil detailing in Karl Lagerfeld Summer 2010 collection

Karl Lagerfeld Summer 2010 35

Karl Lagerfeld Summer 2010 collection dresses were decorated with fluend shapes what looked like aluminum or foil. I spotted also silver colored bias tape in hems and beside front zippers. Very modern "60´s space chic". I immediately thought about coffee bags! They´re silver colored, you can sew them on by hand or with a sewing machine and the garment can be machine washed afterwards. And the coffee bag sequins can be made with a hole puncher. I haven´t tried working coffee bags myself, but my gut says it would work. Note that the foil pieces overlap each other so the point is not to sew them all round, but in just few places. It gives a more 3D effect. Looking up closer I think Karl used silver coated leather for his collection, so if you don´t like silver, you can use secondhand leather in stead. Mixing matte leather with suede would look cool also. Secondhand stores are filled with plain and boring 60´s dresses that need an upgrade just like this! Even though all the dresses in this collection are one color, I´m sure patterned dresses would look just as good with some silver detailing added to the mix. It would create quite a contrast. Photos via Firsview.

Karl Lagerfeld Summer 2010 36
Karl Lagerfeld Summer 2010 38
Karl Lagerfeld Summer 2010 42
Karl Lagerfeld Summer 2010 44
Karl Lagerfeld Summer 2010 45
Karl Lagerfeld Summer 2010 46

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