The first one always a prototype........

DIY zipper scarf plan

When you guys see my zipper projects, I really hope you realize it's never the first version I show. Some of you have commented that "I could try to make this, but will propably fail the first time.." Duh! So do I!! I´ve never made something that actually comes out good the first time! I had to try this Ann Demeulemeester SS10 zipper scarf right away. I unravelled 11 long zippers, cut out the canvas and sewd them together by hand with some satin ribbon. I know the idea I have to make this project is correct, but the making-of-steps need to be tested and executed in the right order to make the design work. The first one is always a prototype..

I noticed that it is vital to have the zipper ends there as the zips won´t stay in place with out them. I should first sew the zips on to the stain bias tape and only after that cut the excess canvas out.. Also I sewd the zips way too close to each other. They should be at least 1/2 inches apart so they won´t tangle up. And I need 22 zipper halfs per side. 11 is not enough. I believe this scarf would actually be quite quick to make with a sewingmachine, but since mine is broken I´m going to have to manage by hand.

But I´m never worried about having to make prototypes. It is the only way to really get to know your material. These zips will not be a zipper scarf but I´m sure I can use them somewhere else. I´ll try the next one tomorrow hopefully with better luck :)

DIY zipper scarf 10
DIY zipper scarf 02
DIY zipper scarf 05
DIY zipper scarf 06
DIY zipper scarf 07
DIY zipper scarf 08
DIY zipper scarf 09

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. This looks like it will be really cool! love it <3

  2. Thank you for posting this! I'm going to have to try it.

  3. Great stuff! I'm adding that to the experimental to-do list for this weekend!

  4. Amazing DIY, I've never seen any scarf like this before =)