DIY Sock garters

Sock garters by SwanClothing at Etsy 1

Back in the days men used to wear sock garters to keep their ankle socks up as the socks did not have any rib. SwanDiamondRose made her own version of this classic dandy accessorie for the ladies. You can buy them from her Etsy shop or make one yourself. You´ll need elastic band, garter clips or suspender clips and a piece of leather. I´m also pretty sure I saw these being worn on several Fall 2009 collection, but I just cannot put my finger on who´s? Galliano?

Ladies sock garters by SWANclothing:

Sock garters by SwanClothing at Etsy 4
Sock garters by SwanClothing at Etsy 3

Sock garters styled by Darling Darling and Transient Expression. Works perfectly also with slouchy thigh-high suede boots.

Sock garters at Darling Darling
Sock garters at Transient Expression

Sock garters at Sock Dreams.

Sock garters at Sock Dreams 2
Sock garters at Sock Dreams 3

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Ooo I have some elastic and suspender clips hanging around, might have to make some of these. Although I'm not sure I have the guts to wear them! (if I was still in London I def would, no one gives you funny looks there!)

  2. i gave you the 'kreativ blogger' award ;)
    check it to my blog!

  3. lokakuuta 2009
    DIY Sock garters

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thanks for the link!
    I have a project that I think you might like: zipper spats. Check it out here: