Inspiration - Ann Demaulemeester Summer 2010 collection

Ann Demeulemeester Summer 2010 zipper pieces 9

After seeing the new Balmain collection last night I was 100% sure that one of the jackets had zippers (just metal teeth, canvas cut away) used as fringes. I tried to make some today and IT WORKS! I nearly pissed my pants when I saw these at Ann Demeulemeester Summer 2010 at Tobacco And Leather today. The zippers in this collection are worn as a separate "scarf". Estimated 120cm - 150cm long with satin ribbons at both ends. They enable the scarf to be tied around your torso in variety of styles. I have to make the first version of this next week.

It´s funny. Just last week someone asked me how long I´m still going to be workin with zippers as they "are propably going out of style soon".. Well, I´ve said it before, if you love it, keep it. Zippers will be around for a looong time.

Ann Demeulemeester Summer 2010 zipper pieces 6
Ann Demeulemeester Summer 2010 zipper pieces 5
Ann Demeulemeester Summer 2010 zipper pieces 4
Ann Demeulemeester Summer 2010 zipper pieces 7

My DIY zipper fringe pinning experiment... I like it, but noticed the jacket zippers I normally use for my necklaces are too "thick" to be fringes. They don´t move as well. So thinner and much longer zips (80 cm - 150 cm) would be better for this project. I´ll post more pics later when I have some more stuff pinned. This is going to be so cool! I´m so exited!

DIY zipper fringes p-pola

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. These are beyond amazing! And look somehow do-able myself, must try!

    You are so right, in fact, I refuse to believe in trends being disposable or going "out of style" anymore - things evolve and rotate, yes, but WHY should a thing you love be discarded because it's so "last season". I don't know if you agree, but I'm sensing more and more that fashion (on the street but also in high-fashion) is about "style tribes" and things evolving within those "sections", rather than seasonal changing between, say, "classical" vs "warrior princess" vs "girly girl".

    I think the appreciation of Ann D and Rick O - who have been around doing their thing for quite a while now - is somehow a sign of people wanting longevity, while still wanting to be amazed by their sheer genius.

    (Yeah, fashion philosophy on a lazy Sunday evening..)

  2. wow great idea i think i'm going to try that too i have MILLIONS of zippers

  3. Very cool---Please check out my (sporadic, slow growing) blog regarding
    Comme des Garcons Spring 2010 looks for recon---I call it Comme DIY Garcons!

  4. i love this!
    you know gstar did a zipper fringe collar last year, it's pretty fierce... i tried it on, but it's just too hot for me.

    but it looked relatively easy to do (compared to your more intricate works) though, i don't know how to sew, so what do i know?

  5. That is AMAZING! You are so inspirational, I am definitely going to try this!