Project Runway Finland - recycled sweater challenge

Muodin Huipulle Laura detail

In todays episode of Muodin Huipulle (Project Runway Finland) the challenge was to create an outfit for "a woman that stands out from the crowd" by using a box of recycled sweaters. I´m telling you people, sweaters make exellent material for refashioning! Even the ugly ones. They don´t fray easily, but they can be unravelled if you want. Sewing can be done all with a sewing machine. Serging is not the only option. Here are my favorites from tonights show. I do apologise the poor quality of all the photos. You´d think these could have been photographed in a studio. If you want to see the looks on the runway, they look so much better there, you can find the Muodin Huipulle 22.10. episode here.

By Mert, the winner of this challenge. Loving the bolero top and zippers in the edges. The whole dress is destroyed by hand.

Muodin Huipulle Mert 1
Muodin Huipulle Mert 2
Muodin Huipulle Mert 3

By Olga. Simple. Chic. Black. This could have also won.

Muodin Huipulle Olga 1
Muodin Huipulle Olga 2
Muodin Huipulle Olga detail 1
Muodin Huipulle Olga detail 2

By Mirkka. This is what recycled sweaters can look like when constructed straight on the dummy. Color harmony and basket weave pattern handpinned on the pieces. Unfinished bits look finished. The judges thought the hem needed a bit more thought as it looked a bit like a diaper..

Muodin Huipulle Mirkka 1
Muodin Huipulle Mirkka 2

By Jarno. Another dummy cosntructed look. This dress I´d love to wear!!

Muodin Huipulle Jarno 1
Muodin Huipulle Jarno 2
Muodin Huipulle Jarno detail

By Katri. Black & white works always. I love the way she used the black sweater as fringes. They move very pretty when walking. The bum-rose detail was a bit too much for some judges.

Muodin Huipulle Katri 1
Muodin Huipulle Katri 2
Muodin Huipulle Katri detail

Detail from Mari's dress.

Muodin Huipulle Mari detail 2

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. I have to admit I disliked all of them! Can't believe I'm saying it actually, you would think that there would be at least one you'd like, but no!

    But perhaps if I had to choose one, then the black one by Olga is decent - it's simple, the other outfits had too much of everything. Fringes to colors to bum roses to 4 different colors or patterns.

  2. Man oh man. These results are infinitely more interesting than the stuff that goes down Project Runway US's runway.

  3. Olgan puku oli tosiaan upea! Toivottavasti tuomarit huomasivat, että vaate oli teknisestikin hienosti toteutettu!
    Kiva nähdä puvuista yksityiskohtia!

  4. I loved the bumrose, it would've been even better on someone with an actual bum!