Just watch it

Multiple watches worn as jewelry

Apparently less is not more on Paris Fashion Week, when it comes to wearing secondhand and vintage timepieces as the new cuff jewelry. I bought a box full of metal watches a while ago from Etsy. I knew they´d come handy some day! And just like fashion, it is complitely irrelevant if the watches work or not. As long as they LOOK super.

Via Style Copycat.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. i agree!!! adding more watches is absolutely stunning

  2. haha+ i believe, though, that when it comes to accessories it's the look and not the utility. never really thought this idea would work, wearing two watches? but the pictures look great!!!

    if you're interested in jewelries, check out my site on flickr, absolutely stunning. i love accessories, they're my pride and joy.