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Vivienne Westwood worldsendshop

I just posted about front pleated jeans as an alternative to refashioning large sized jeans to boyfriend denim look-a-likes. These front pleated mens suit trousers would have gone through the same refashioning. I know these pants are Vivienne Westwood, so they havn´t, but they could have.. 100% woollen secondhand suit trousers work best. If the original front pleats or pockets make problems for the fit, sew them (one or both) closed. The pinning stage is critical. Use loads of pins to get the form you want. I usually pin the whole thing together before I start sewing, because I hate unraveling bad seams. Pin, pleat and dart in odd places and don´t worry about destroying the garment. This is why I usually buy two or three pieces of similar style so it does not matter if I ruin the first one. DIY and creativity demands prototypes and also failures. You´ll get better the more you make and when you get familiar with different materials.

Vivienne Westwood worldsendshop
Vivienne Westwood worldsendshop

Photos, Worlds En Shop. Via kaKofonie Of si(gh)lenS.

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  1. Thanks again for the link! I wouldn't have even thought to make these on my own, but they were too cheap to pass up for like new VW pants. And they have an inside button up faux pant, which I absolutely love and would've had a hard time recreating. Perhaps next time I come across some large 'grandpa' pants...