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This is my 1000th post. I´m astound by the amount of entries in my giveaway competition. 177 comments! And thank you so much for all your compliments, comments and questions! The winner of my giveway competition is... (drumroll).. RAINY!! Since I´m in super good mood today, I decided to also give away surprise prizes, my lego earrings, to three runnerups. They will go to: Laura Lic, Susannatee and Amy (A Whim Of Mine) aka This Girl. Please send me mail guys. I need to know your adresses to send the prizes. The winners were picked up by using Random.org. And on to the questions. This is going to be a looong post. Some of you commented on the large images I use in my blog, that they slow down the blog page. I know this and for that I´m truly sorry. But I looove big pics. I use them so you´re able to see all the details better. I apologise for the slowness but will continue keeping them in my blog. I hope you understand.

If you could have a dinner party and only invite 5 guests who would they be? Alive or dead. (this was my fav question) Johnny Depp, Tim Burton, Anna Piaggi, Vivienne Westwood and my dad. We´d be all smoking cigarettes at the table and it would be a night to remember. What tips and advice would you give to beginners? Have patience and percistance! The creative career (weather it is just your home DIY projects or a pro career) comes slowly. Failures and prototypes are an important part of it as they are the ones that really teach you. Test different materials and work methods until you find the one that best suits your talent. You would not believe how many materials are out there! Especially if you´re working with recycled materials. Good things come slowly and ideas will grow in your mind with time. Any idea how many hits you get a day on your blog? An averige of 2500. About 75000 a month. It feels unreal. Do you always create something inspired to your posts? Unfortunately not. I just don´t have the time. But I try to write as much as I can, because sharing the inspiration and ideas is really important for me. Maybe one of my readers will find something they like and make it. That is the best reward. What is your most favorite DIY you have done so far? My zipper rose fascinator. I made it in just one evening and I just feel such a lady when ever I wear it. You can find the photo tutorial from Flickr and Cut Out And Keep. How much time you use daily to search new DIYs? Where do you find inspiration? I read about 50 different blogs (just have a look at my BlogLovin list in the sidebanners). I spend about 3-5 hours daily in search of new projects and ideas to post about. Madness. What's your inspiration process? It´s a visual and mental game of tetris. Recycled materials being the different shapes blocks and high street fashion and design being the gameboard. When I see an intresting material I think of it not as an object but more of its attributes (form, surface, shapebility, availability, possible working techniques..) and then try to find something with similar features in high street fashions. My inspiration image folders have about 15000 pics total. I can get lost there for hours looking up new stuff to make. I would like to buy one of your creations.. Is it possible? Do you have an etsy store? Yes I have an Etsy shop, but it is empty.. I´m concentrating mostly in custom works. I´m going to put up the Etsy store when I can affort a decent digtal camera so I´m able to take good pics of the stuff I´ve made. Being a Virgo perfectionist sucks sometimes. If you want me to make you something, send me mail! How do you manage with time shortage? I don´t! I rely complitely on the creative force of last minute panic fueled with too much caffeine. Do you ever have a lack of inspiration? All the time. I´m so lazy sometimes and I hate deadlines. I never work my projects when I´m angry as the result is never good then. Good music helps and if I have a party to go to. Wanting to make an unforgetable impression helps me to find the energy to create stuff! Sound superficial? It propably is. Can you share whith us some online DIY resources for instructions and source materials available in Europe? My blog roll is my resource for ideas. The material I recommed buying local, preferably secondhand and thrifted because I try to support sustainability and ecological values also in crafting. What are your career goals? Fashion- and DIY-related? I want to do a book on DIY and trashion. It has to have a killer visual image and presentation. So far I have not found a publicist that would have similar intrests. Until them I will keep my day job as a sales assistant in a fashion company. Of course having my creations being featured in Vogue or Elle editorial would be a dream come true.. What is your favourite 'material/medium' to work with? Zippers :D Have you come across a band tee or any other sort of merch that you have cherished too dearly to create it into something other than it already is? I could never sell or cut up my tacky 90´s Spice Girls band tee. It just rocks and amuses me at the same time. Chick chic. I also have a small collection of vintage hats, jewelry and bags that I could never refashion. They are perfect the way they are now. Do you have any of your sketchbooks on line for us to see? Scetch books no, but my inspiration scrap books are online for anyone to see. I'm 15, and I used to love drawing.. And I still do, but for a year or 2 now I'm more into fashion and diy. I'm wondering how that was for you? Yes. I used to draw loads when I was your age. Mostly my own fashion designs. I still have many of them stored somewhere.. Now it´s more about the actual making of fashion and bloggin about it. Could you do more how-to posts? I should.. I want to post stuff daily, so I have to rely on tutorials I find made by others when I have too little time to make them all myself. If I win the lottery and don´t have to go to work anymore I promise to do new tutorial every day. I make at least one tutorial in a month when I do my DIY column to MissMix magazine. Where do you buy your zippers? I buy the new from buttonshops and secondhand from fleamarkets. Some I get from my friends. Ebay is also a good place to look for them. Look for many pcs of similar length and metal color. YKK also sponsored me a box ful of zips a while back. I cannot thank them enough for doing so as new zippers are really expencive. If you need zippers make sure your friends and blog readers know about it. They can help you look for them. Have you considered moving ahead into designing your own collections? I love being an amaterur DIYer! I fear that being an 100% pro would take all the fun out od creation. But never say never. Do you like all the stuff you make? Do you refashion some of them later? I´m very critical and analytic about my own works. So no, I don´t like them all. If I feel a project has not turned out well I put it aside for a while and continue working on it later. But I never think of them as failures or throw them away just because I don´t like them just then and there. They are always a work in progress as I´m trying to keep it positive. They will look better in a week or month and I´ll get back to them when the time is right :) What did u major in university, fashion design or the artistic pattern making? I studied sewing and pattern making for four years in Heinola. But the flair for recycled, fleamarkets and handmade came originally from my grandmother who used to take us thrift hunting when I was 5 years old. They were small adventures in discarded-material-land. The women in my family have always been crafters. What music do you like? As I´ve been writing this, my iPod sings Jamiroquai, Depeche Mode, The Pet Shop Boys, Röyksop, 80´s movie soundrack music, Phoenix, Cut Copy, Moby, Incubus, Massive Attack, Fat Boy Slim, 20´s jazz, The Chemical Bothers, Seal, Tori Amos, Roisin Murphy, Foo Fighters... Some songs have been listened more than 700 times according to the counter. Where do you hunt your materials? Fleamarkets. It has to be recycled and used. Will you ever do an online contest for a diy challenge? Good idea! I´ll have to think about this.. On bad days, what is the activity that ALWAYS makes you feel better? Dancing and dressing up for a party. What is your favourite place of all times in Helsinki? The Finnish Museum of Natural History. Especially the bones exibition. A true cabinet of curiosities. My dream date would be an overnight picnic by the dinosaur skeletons with sandwiches and hot chocolate. But they won´t let you in with food! So wrong. How are you so awesome? Hahaha. I´m so happy if you feel that way! I would not feel awsome in most days unless there are people who believe in me and liked my works and blog. So I owe all the thanks to my customers and you, dear readers. It also helps to have fiancé who does not mind the house being always a mess because my craft supplies are all over the place. I love you my dear.

Last here´s my favorite songs at the moment. By Chemical Brothers, Galvanize and Elvis mixed by JXL. Listen to the lyrics and double your mojo and creativity.

Have a good weekend folks!!

Outi Les Pyy

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