You know there is this guy.. He´s a nice guy.

Playlust 1

Styling inspiration. Lovin the look on this guy... Wearing an army wool sweater with a white collar shirt, a long velvet overcoat and my favorite, a huge fray edged linen tube scarf. And don´t forget the smudgy eye liner and golden rings. I shall call this look military vampire dandy.

Mens suit and smock jackets just look so much better with some leather in the shoulders.. And on fingers.

Playlust 2

And you know dig chicks with safetypins...

Playlust green fashion switzerland zipper jacket

Note to self: Start messing with your tights. Paints look like a good place to start.

Playlust family affairs

And can´t go wrong with some gingham and straw boater hats. For boys and girls.

Playlust 4

Images via Playlust.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. I adore the painted tights and straw hats!!