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cmrtyz shredded t-shirt 6

Well, the recycle fair in Helsinki last weekened is over. Had loads of fun, talked to hundreds of people and got filmed in a recycle programme for Chinese tv! :) As promised I will post the unsold items to my Etsy shop this weekend. Shredded tees are unisex and you get them cheaper from me than for example OAK...

White and black shredded tee by CMRTYZ, available at OAK.

cmrtyz shredded t-shirt 4
cmrtyz shredded t-shirt 3

My shredded tee (photo below) are also made from secondhand so they are sustainable fashion. The color pallette is kinda dull, but I´ve always been a friend of gray shades. Best friends with black. Stay tuned for updates!!

Kierrätystehdas 2010 08

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. The shirts look fantastic! <3

  2. can we have a link to your shop please?

  3. My Etsy shop is here:

    But it is empty now. I´ll do a post whith item photos when I have goods uploaded there! :)

  4. hi!!
    this is my first comment but i always read your blog, is quite awsome!

    so honey i really need the link of your etsy store! please!!?

    lots of kisses!!!

  5. Make it? I think I have one of those shirts.

  6. Very cool... have a look to butterflysoulfire (german brand) I think you'll appreciate can find it also on my blog...
    Please visit my blog and tell me what you think about...and if you want become a follower.
    Bye LB

  7. omg. these are amazing!! love the iron maden one, how do i get my hands on these!!