Styling inspiration - Balmain sailor

balmain homme FW10 1

More kick-ass menswear styling, Balmain Hommes FW10 collection. I have a thing for guys in striped shirts (especially blck-white-red-blue and slightly worn and torn). They just look so much better than their mates in unicolor. For this look I´d recommend secondhand Marimekko jersey shirts, they have exellent quality. Those red socks are a nice touch.

Army sweater with secondhand biker pants. Smoking hot. Propably to wear as well.

balmain homme FW10 2

And finally a pair of secondhand army chinos sewn to fit (low crotch, slim leg) with a pair of sharp shoes and a navy officers jacket. The ship has come to port.

balmain homme FW10 3

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. cool pictures! like your blog!

  2. I am glad you like these Balmain outfits and pictures! I think they are really good but I was nearly insulted on TheFashionisto for saying so. I was told this looks like H&M 2001... (& tha Mjölk is better)

    I would absolutely love to be able to dress in Balmain Hommes (I cannot afford it, though!) - I shall do as you suggest: find second hand clothes & tailor them to resemble these more closely!