Uuuuuuuh ma.

Uma Thurman by Felix Lammers 1

She is so gorgeous. The sheer tube bead/pearl necklaces are a beautiful DIY project and look great with a sharp jacket, but just remember to make more than one. Mass is fashion, so 4-5 strands sounds better. And that maxi skirt with a small train. Worn with a leather jacket and hoodie. Must get that for summer... Made from black secondhand band t-shirts or other jersey garments. The pattern you can take from any evening gown and cut the pattern pieces to smaller ones, so they can be cut fron the t-shirts. Remember to number the pattern pices before cutting. Jersey is often elastic, so you can make the skirt in a size or two smaller.

Uma Thurman by Felix Lammers 2

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. She is ridiculously hot. My friend named her car 'Uma' because it's so glam.


  2. I love Uma!! The outfit is amazing.. I'd like to try to make the skirt.. don't know how well it will go.. If it works, I'll post a link to my blog and show it off! :)