Inspiration - Bowie Utopia by Dora Abodi

Dora Abodi FW10 12

Dora Abodi Fall 2010 collection. Love the colors, forms and layering. I own a very extensive collection of accessorie but this one made me realize I´m still missing some, like a DIY diamante and chain decorated pirate eye patch. Must make one. And do I even need to point out how rad that Bowie flame glitter make-up looks. I´m usually very anti-glittery person, but I want this on my face at some point. Like right now maybe? I seriously need to hit my local car paint shop next week to get some effect paints. I cannot get over this multicolored egyptian beetle shell shine.

Dora Abodi FW10 07
Dora Abodi FW10 17
Dora Abodi FW10 06
Dora Abodi FW10 05
Dora Abodi FW10 08
Dora Abodi FW10 03
Dora Abodi FW10 02
Dora Abodi FW10 01
Dora Abodi FW10 20
Dora Abodi FW10 18
Dora Abodi FW10 19

Via Kingdom of Style.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Wild shapes and beautiful colours!

  2. some of these looks are stunning! most of all I love the jeweled eye-patch!
    melina bee

  3. Check out her bag collection at Simply FAB!!!