You can.

DIY Lady Gaga hairdo by Fashion Notebook

Inspired by McQueen haute couture show looks and Lady Gaga Fashion Notebook made herself a can-do. For a more natural look, spray paint them to match your hair color first.. :P

mcQueen trashion couture

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. It's sad that when Lady Gaga does something it's now automatically chic and cutting edge. Noone questions any of it.


  2. Nancy, I used to think so too. Then I realized muses and artists like her are a goldmine to fashion labels and designers in making fashion more noticed. Now I wish we´d have more edgy and fashionforward people like her around. She´s like the Grace Jones of 2000's..

    But as you say, not all her outfits are something that should be copied to "real life". I hope that especially young girls would not copy her that much. This can-look is fun (fashion IS fun!) but I would wear it to only a special occation, as a tribute to McQueen.

  3. i wore a can in my hair to the lady gaga concert!

  4. this can thing have been seen way much before gaga did it, right? I think I've seen it some times in few years...I am sometimes so bored with her already. These pictures are nice, tho.

  5. I've been seeing a lot of those latelly! Especially after Laddy Gaga :D

  6. The thing is she is just trying to replicate Grace Jones and even MIA in her videos.

    Her music is eurotrash and she's pretty shit.

    Grace Jones has even talked about how much she's copying her and she doesn't like her. She's only cutting edge if you're 14 and like crappy pop music.