Summer 2010 shoe covers

Nina Ricci SS2010 shoes 5
Nina Ricci SS2010 shoes 4

Nina Ricci Lace-Covered Leather Shoe Bootie For Spring 2010. My black pumps need a new cover...

fendi summer 2010

Or spraypaint them nude and tie a pantyhose leg around yours. Fendi SS2010.

alexander mcqueen SS2010 metal heels 1
alexander mcqueen SS2010 metal heels 2
alexander mcqueen SS2010 metal heels 3

Alexander McQueen industrial heels with a new paint job. I recommend using special effect car spray paints for this and thin aluminum as it bends well and is gluable.

maison martin margiela SS2010 boots 2
maison martin margiela SS2010 boots 1

And maybe a new spat boot cover made from refashioned oil paintings, painted (acrylic wall paints left overs?) and scrunched sheets or recycled advertising image canvases. If I see one more recycled ad canvas BAG I´m going to flip... But shoes I´d dig. Maison Martin Margiela Summer 2010.

rick owens SS2010

Rick Owens made their summer shoe covers from stitched satin.

jean charles castelbajac SS2010

Jean Charles de Castelbajac decorated heels with plastic diamonds and what nots. Now where did I put that glue gun..?

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Omg, love the first ones.. I mean, love them all! amazing shoes!

  2. Oh I love the lace and the jeweled on. I was planning on making cutouts on come of my old boots and spray painting them a different color. Tomorrow is my DIY day. Im excited.