Toilet paper wedding nonsence.

Toilet paper bride

Just so you know. Toilet Paper brides are NOT trashion. Or anything eco for that matter. They are just plain crafts and weird if you ask me. I have absolutely no idea why someone would like to dress up in hygieny products on their special day when I´m sure there were some lovely vintage or secondhand bridal wear available that just needed a little tuning up or refitting. These dresses must have taken a truck load of new toilet paper rolls to finish (since used is not an option with this material) and using them for this kind of purpose hardly qualifies as reusing or recycling as the material is all bought new. Same goes for all "trashion shows" filled with black garbage bag dresses. Shiish. No more, stop please! If you are having your wedding on a tight budget, customizing old wedding dresses is eco and does not cost that much. Trust me. Or if you want to make it from scratch, use old bed linens, curtains, anything else really that is actally used. Apparently some people even host Toilet Paper brides competitions... Honestly... And I´m not saying the dresses are not pretty. Some are and they´ve propably taken so much time and effort to make. But the execution is just wrong. There is so much better materials out there, just continue reading this blog and I will prove it to you. Stop wasting new materials like this.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. toilet paper wedding dress is a game played at bridal showers. everyone at the shower teams up and makes a dress and the winner gets a prize. usually serious big intricate toilet paper wedding dresses like the one pictured here are done as a contest to win a new real wedding dress or a honeymoon package. i don't think anyone actually gets married in them!

  2. I didn´t think so, but making something like this and using so much new material just for fun of it is even worse. I still don´t get it. Even traditions can be changed.

  3. Oh, I agree! Not eco friendly, not chic, just toilet paper. When a bride walks down the aisle, the guests first reaction should be "wow, she looks beautiful" not "wow, her dress makes me think of poo!"

  4. I couldn't agree more! It does take time and talent, for sure... but not eco friendly!

    I LOVE making old ugly wedding dresses into awesomeness.. Much nicer than toilet paper-

    Do you ever think about how many wedding dresses must be in existence already? yet there are still soo many being made brand new..

    That goes for regular clothes too-- Aren't there enough? for a while at least? I don't think we need to produce so many new clothes, so much as we need to re-purpose old clothes into clothes people can wear.

    Love your blog. (:

  5. My feelings exactly! Time and talent, yes... Eco friendly, not so much.

    I'm sure you've thought about how many wedding dresses there must be in existence... yet there are so many being made brand new! All to wear once...(usually.) Why not use what is already here? Just make it your own!

    I love to re-model wedding dresses!

    The same goes for regular clothes, I think... There are just so many already around, why keep making so many more?

    I love your blog! (:

  6. oh sheesh. It seemed like it didn't work the first time... so I wrote another, and now I've just commented 3 times.. Sorry. :)

    But I still love your blog.


  7. wow. she better hope it doesn't rain

  8. really nice and "going green" idea for your wedding, thanx share it. and i also found some wedding cakes toppers made from paper as well, check them via

  9. Alice, I think you understood this wrong. Making stuff by using new materials this much is not eco or green. If one wants a green wedding, customizing an old dress to fit you is always more sustainable (or loaning one) than making or buying a new one.

  10. Is toilet paper not, in fact, recycled paper? Sorry: hairsplitting, I might be wrong, and in any case I agree with your point. It's not exactly a durable material, particularly vis-a-vis the time and effort spent to achieve the result.

  11. I couldn't agree more. There is also a duct tape prom dress competition in the United States that is very popular, and extremely wasteful. I suspect that this is a marketing ploy for a toilet paper company. The prom dress contest is orchastrated by the Duck duct tape company.