Wang summer shirt wrap

Alexander Wang SS10 tie shirt skirt 7

Making a skirt from a large mens shirt is a DIY classic. I actually made a tutorial for one last spring for a teen tv-show called Summeri in Finland and I have featured similar projects by other crafters many times on my posts. You might think that it can be made to only one style, but that ain´t the case. I think Alexander Wang made his shirt skirt version best of the ones I´ve seen so far. Instead of having the sleeves coming from the sideseams, they are tied around your waist and sewn on to the waist band 3/4 of the way. This enables them to be tied both front and back, but also just kept hanging loose on the sides. Also the shape of the skirt is not straight, but more tulip shaped. All this of course takes more fabric than my version, but it should be possible if you choose the largest secondhand shirt available and make it to size small or medium. If you doubt that the fabric will be enough, buy two shirts as pattern mixing is one key trend this summer. Note that the material Wang used in his skirt is much more fluent and drapey than regular shirt cottons. Silk or viscose perhaps? Normal shirts will also work, but they will be a tad stiffer and puffier than this one by Mr. Wang. If you are a beginner crafter, stick to regular shirt cotton. It is easier to sew than silk or viscose.

Photos via OakNYC.

Alexander Wang SS10 tie shirt skirt 5
Alexander Wang SS10 tie shirt skirt 6
Alexander Wang SS10 tie shirt skirt 8
Alexander Wang SS10 tie shirt skirt 9
Alexander Wang SS10 tie shirt skirt 11
Alexander Wang SS10 tie shirt skirt 12
Alexander Wang SS10 tie shirt skirt 3
Alexander Wang SS10 tie shirt skirt 4

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  1. You have a beautiful blog. Check out mine to win a fashion illustration I drew that was printed in Mirabella Magazine.
    Good luck.
    X David

  2. Wow! what a fantastic idea! I love your blog, is such an inspiration!

  3. This is so awesome!
    I've been wearing button-up shirts as skirts for a while now. It's actually one of my favorite things to wear <3

  4. This is great! Next DIY project...

  5. oh it's the SHOES I want to DIY!