Trashion work in progress - The Galliano Social Artist cocktail hat

Here´s the first sneak peak to some of the works I have in progress at the moment. Introducing The Outsapop (Galliano inspired) pink Social Artist Cocktail Hat! It used to be a boring straw table placement and the ribbons short leftovers from my ribbon box. I knew they would come handy someday.. Five hats like this will be available for sale at Kierrätystehdas recycle event in Helsinki 25.-26.4.2009! The satin "paint" ribbons on each hat will be of different colors.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. This is AMAZING!!!! I love it! Are you going to sell them online too!? Can't believe this used to be an old placemat...


  2. What a cracking idea, it looks lovely too!
    I made a necklace from beaded drinks coasters a while back, lateral creative thinking, I love it!