Fernanda Pereira design genious

I could no keep myself from reading Fernanda Pereira´s entire blog through. This woman is a genious. She has so many clever ideas that you can implement on your clothing recon projects. Like this "Dressing Bag". You can either wear them as tops or use them as shopping bags. If you click the image larger you can see that there is a zipper sewn in the hem of a t-shirt that you can open and close. Genious design!

Different kinds of pleated surfaces from stripey jersey and hoodies. I think this will look great sewn onto a t-shirt also (2 layers of jersey).

Clip-on bowties to use as belts or as bodice or sleeve gatherings. I also love the capelet made from men´s suit trousers.

Top from men´s suit trousers.

Head accessories from folded felt circles.

All images from Fernanda Pereira´s blog.

Outi Les Pyy

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