DIY Scarf dress tutorial by Sue

Remember this awsome Pleasure Principle inspired scarf dress by Sue. Well she made a tutorial on how to make one.

Here´s her version of the dress.

..and the original.

Photos from Seven New York and Sue´s blog.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. this is truely amazing, but her blog is private so I can't see the tutorial... :(

  2. is there a way you can repost her tutorial, since her blog is private?

  3. Bummer. So it is.. I cannot get in either. If I remember correctly, the dress is done just by sewing a long rectangle piece of similar jersey to the dress neck opening.

  4. And the dress looks the same from front and back so it can be worn either way, neck scarf opening either in front or back.

  5. aw.. bummer bc of a private blog.