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The easiest accessorie for any occasion is the fascinator. You can wear it to graduation parties, weddings, birthdays, pretty much any accation that you want to dress up for. If your outfit is really boring, don´t go and buy a new one, invest in a handmade fascinator. It´s guaranteed to dazzle up any outfit. Plus it is megaeasy and fast to make. Unlike hats, fascinators suit any hairstyle and they don´t feel hot to wear indoors. I think way too many people are obsessed about shoes these days, when the truth is that not many will even notice your new footwear in a crowded bar. But nobody will miss your stunning headgear as it is in plain sight at all times. If making your own fascinators sound too much, always check out Etsy´s selection. You can find them there in pretty much any style, size or color so there´s something for everybody. Check out my fascinator tutorial to see how these are done. Fascinator in top image by Topsy Turvy Design.

Punk styled fascinators by Katherina Andreeva.

These origami styled fascinators just blow me away... Made by Ruby Martini. I just bought the Crane-origami fascinator.

Sculptural fascinators by Hats by Cressida.

Gorgeous Butterfly fascinator by Zara Carpenter.

Cocktail Hat with Veil by Hems and Bustles.

I love this black straw couture wing headpiece by Heather Huey. So simple and elegant design made by forming a circular material. Way out of my price range, but making this from an old straw table tablet and fastening that on to a fabric covered cardboard base(maybe adding some thrifted plastic flowers) does not sound too bad at all.

Outi Les Pyy

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