OutsaPop Trashion at Kierrätystehdas

It´s on tomorrow morning! Today I was building our Kierrätystehdas recycle fair booth 5 hours (!) with my friend Anne from Garbagebag. But I think it was worth it.. The bad thing about being a perfectionist is that the only thing that is acceptable is well... nothing less than perfect. Here are some pictures from our Garbagebag / OutsaPop Trashion recycle fair booth. The necktie-things, lego jewelry and shredded tees are mine and all the bags are by Garbagebag. The fair is Sathurday-Sunday If you´re in Helsinki, come say hello!!

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Nyt kyllä harmittaa kun en asu Helsingin suunnalla, näyttää upeelta!