Swedish Eco fashion

After dissing the entire eco fashion design scene, I do have to give credit to some people for doing it right.. You guys know I love Raquel Allegra´s designs, but also the Sweds have been quite active in sustainable design in the last couple of years, my favorites being the moment is Lovisa Burfitt and Maxjenny Forslund. These names might also be worth looking up (see list below pictures).

Lovisa Burfitt Fall 2008 collection.

Swedish eco-fashion designers:
Anja Hynynen
Anna Bergholm
Anna Modig
Benita Ben Djama
Bergman Sweden
Birgitta Ericsson
Camilla Norrback
Dem Collective
Günay Kulbay
Johanna Hofring
Lovisa Burfitt
Maxjenny Forslund
Nana Baah
Nudie Jeans
Pelle Backman
Tor Söderin
Ylva Liljefors
Zion Clothing
Åsa and Taneale
Åsa Westlund

Maxjenny Forslund Fall 2009 collection.

Pictures via Lovisa Burfitt and Maxjenny.

Outi Les Pyy

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