My peplum obsession

"Peplum - Short flounce or overskirt attached at waistline." Ever since I saw Queen Michelle of Kingdom of Style make herself one last summer (inspired by Prada Fall 2008 collection) it has haunted my mind. Now within a week it has popped up again in various places. Think the fashion fairies are suggesting it´s time I finally make one for myself? One of the great things about this not so oftenly seen piece of fashion is that it comes in various shapes. Peblums can be puffy, ruffled, laced (corsetted) or bell-shaped. They can go all around or only 3/4. Peblums are exellent projects for DIY beginners because they are constructed from 2 pieces and you only need to know how to gather and sew straight! This would make a very good item for you Etsy sellers... Quick to make and quaranteed sales because this is a current trend. I found 0 accessorie peplums for sale at Etsy today.

Seen at Spring & Clifton Summer 2009 collection.

Corset peblum by Pixie Stitch. Suitable for period dressing and steampunk styled outfits.

Peplums can be small or huge (for that 80´s look). Photos from Dan Speer, Couture Carrie (post top image, love her blog btw!), Bebe and Senorita Hollywood.

It does not always have to be worn around your waist... Or they can be worn also upside down. Infinite styling potential!!

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. This has definitely been on my to-do DIY list for a while. Thank you for the reminder, and the inspirational examples!


  2. i love those runway shots with the pink dress :)