Stud overdose - not happening to me

After drooling over other peoples studded DIY projects for months now I finally ordered "some" for myself. But online stud stores like Studs and Spikes are like candy shops to a DIY gal like me... I checked out about 3500 pcs (4 kilos / 9 lb) of hardware and payed a small fortune of it. Not the doings of a sane person. To hell with overpriced gym memberships!! A trashionista gets her exercize by walking around in cothes studded with 4 kilos of hardware... I know my Balmain inspired DIY studded pencil skirt will come out incredible! Check out my Inspiration gallery to see what other cool stuff you can make with studs. (click images to view details)

Balmain Summer 2009 skirt images via

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Mielettömän hieno hame. Kai se päällä voi myös istua.

  2. Hah. Mietin tota samaa kun näin tän mekon ekan kerran. Suurin osa tilaamistani niiteistä on suht "litteitä" mutta kaipa niitä pitää vähän sovitella ompeluvaiheessa ettei osu kaikkein piikikkäimmät juuri hanurin alle. :D Ja kyllä mä sen verran fashionista olen että käyttäisin tota hametta vaikkei siinä kovin kauaa voisikaan istua... :P

  3. i have a DIY-beginner question! what would be the ideal tool kit to apply studs in clothes? i always get lost looking at the different tools out there and never know what each one actually do!

    love your blog! :D

  4. Thanks. I have not done anything with studs for a while, but I managed with just basic pliers in school. The stud is first pressed (with fingers) in the fabric and then the studd teeth are forced downwards with the pliars. In this project the stud fastening should be relatively easy since you´re working them on fabric strips instead of the garment directly.

  5. So glad to see you finally found a source!!