Jaeha Summer 0809 collection inspiration

Jaeha is the brand of designer Jaeha-Alex Kim, a young fashiontalent from New Zealand. Jaeha's Summer 08/09 collection 'Colouring in Calms Me Down' is inspired by French movie The Dreamers (2006) about misunderstood youth in the setting of the French student riot. The collection merges obscure and innocent French girls with loud and punchy 60s surrealistic French caricature images including quirky apple prints and colourful apple moth motif tees and dresses, tailored blazers, rolled-down Ivy lace socks, giant apple bow ties and 80s washed-out denim suspenders.

For me this collection is great clothes recon inspiration. To view detail photos, visit General Cucumber.

Outi Les Pyy

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