Inspiration from Pixie Market

I reguraly browse webshops to find inspiration for DIY projects. Pixie Market is one of my favorites as they carry loads of fashion goodies from many creative labels. Just a reminder that whenever I present works from non-handcrafted labels or indie labeld, it´s for inspration only. I just feel silly paying 200 dollars (+ shipping) for something I obviously can make myself. It´s like putting money in the bank. Here´s what caught my eye this time:

Large jersey tank dress decorated with fringes, White Trumpet.

Fernanda Pereira black neck piece ruffles neck piece with 3 detachable bows and snap button closure. (She has a very cool blog btw!!! I immediately added it to my Bloglovin list)

Marios One of a kind- vintage silk scarf back top. Top has tee like front with raw edge neck and armholes, and vintage silk scarf back.

All images from Pixie Market.

Outi Les Pyy

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