Steampunkers with bunny fixation

Hah. I just realised that even after more than 500 posts I still havn´t written about bunnies. I abdore them. Sooo what if I´m also into steampunk stuff.. Are there any options out there for us bunny lovin steampunkers? Hell yeah! Just type in a funny looking tag combo of "steampunk" and "bunny". I really did not expect to find anything, but Flickr and Etsy surpriced me, yet again. I love you guys. Oh, and happy May Day everyone!! Spring has finally arrived to Finland!

Bunny print by amberalexander.

Mr Bunner the Rabbit Master print by SirMitchell.

Steampunk killer bunny necklace by Babette Henri.

Steampunk Rabbit Ring by FernStreetDesigns.

Fancy Rabbit Messenger Bag by Deadworry.

Top image artwork by graphic sampler Sam Van Olffen. Amazing steampunk styled graphics in his bog. Stunning.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. love that little rabbit-clock!! Really awesome..


  2. These are amazing, I especially love the last picture with the bunny with the top hat!

  3. I am interested in your writings, and I will more often visit your blog. Thank's my friend.