Eco Nouveau fashion show at LA Fashion Week

Not again... The latest eco fashion event called Eco Nouveau was held during Los Angeles fashion Week March 19 in The Museum of Contemporary Art. I´m sorry but did anyone else feel slightly disappointed to see that video..? "Amazing gathering of eco designers".. There´s only three in the show.. I love Gary Harvey´s works, but I´ve seen all those dresses before, like 2 years ago when I started writing this blog. Has he not done any new eco designing since? And the other two ladies in this years show, Bahar Shahpar and Amanda Shi did absolutely nothing for me with their collections. No editorial or press value there. How freaking hard it is to organize an eco fashion event with genuine fashion and style credibility and yet show outfits that will eventually be in production (not just runway pieces or basic tanks and tees)?? If this is the level of eco-design in fashion weeks we´ll never get eco fashion ideology "sold" to the masses. To my point of view the designs just are not strong enough to be noticed big-time even though the production issues and material sourcing is according to eco standards. When designing eco, shouldn´t the design level be aiming for editorials at Vogue Italia to ensure press and publicity. I mean if we can get someone like Anna Wintour on board it should be smooth sailing from there on? How are you feeling about this? Do you think the level of eco-fashion design is ok as it is? Who (what label) do you think is doing it well?

Here´s the show from 2008:

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. I agree. It's bizarre that eco fashion is always so sack like and almost seems to be afraid of making any sort of fashion statement.

  2. I just remembered, Raquel Allegra is doing it well. She definately has her own thing going and she even shares her design ideas with DIY communities!

    Also the Sweds are really rocking the eco fashion scene. Just check out the designers in Ekovaruhuset (Engl. EcoWarehouse).