Vivienne Westwood Summer 2009 DIY fashion inspired collection

How have I missed this, Vivienne Westwood Summer 2009 collection, complitely inspired by DIY fashion. I´m so happy to see Westwood take a step back to her DIY roots, as she states in her collection press notes ‘In these hard times – dress up. Do it yourself!’. called it bedsheet couture. This collection features everything from Westwood's signature asymmetrically wrapped-and-bustled dresses, but also one shoulder blanket capes, shower curtains as rain coats, curtains as floor length gowns and headscarves as knickers... But still all classic Westwood. The is a thin line between mad crativity and genious designing. And Vivienne does them both fabulously. After all she is the original trashionista!

Outi Les Pyy

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