Doily lighting fixtures by Caitlin at Nice-etc

These lovely vintage doily lighting fixtures are made by Caitlin from She also has a shop at Thrifted doilys are a wonderful material to use for DIY projects, they can be found from practically any fleamarket/thriftstore in reasonable prices. When I made my crochet tablecloth dress I discovered that they are easy to sew (with a straight stitch). They can be colored in a washing machine since most are made from natural fibres. The thing I did not realize that because crochets are very flexible and heavy, IT STRETCHES. My dress became 10cm longer the night I wore it :) So if you make something out of crechet table cloths, make them a bit shorter that they are supposed be. The good thing is that hey can be machine washed occationally.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. must. have.

    those are so lovely, feminine without being prissy. i have to get one.