Greener skincare

After reading more and more about sustainable lifestyle I have to say a greener life is all about the small stuff. That´s where I think each one of us can make the largest difference because it helps us realize that it´s not just about buying organic foods or clothing and cycling to work. It´s about everything we do, use and own! It all can be done greener and in a more sustainable way! No change comes over night and I do think "babysteps" are a good approach to avoid feeling overwhelmed. Just be sure that a few changes are not enough and the change requires you to edjucate yourself about all your consumer habits and their effects to the environment. I have started by making my food, wardrobe and household cleaning chemicals green and are now working my way to my cosmetics and haircare products. I realized that I have to also review all my consuming habits as I go through the products. Do I really need all the different makeup products, cleansers, moisturizers and scrubs?? Would I manage with just one each? Could I change my hairstyle a bit so I would not have to fill it with hairsray and spraywax every morning? It´s an ongoing project.

Recently I found reusable face cleansing pads by Love The Planet. Most of us use at least two cotton pads a day while washing our faces. It is a complite waste of cotton. Instead you could use these reusable pads and wash them with your laundry. These DIY pads are easy to make yourself from old terry cloth towels or you can buy these at And what do I use to wash my face with? I use organic Checks and Balances Frothy face wash by Origins!

Outi Les Pyy

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