Leather triangles and shredded denim at Gareth Pugh FW09 mens collection

Shredded black denims are here to stay. If Gareth Pugh is having them in his FW09 mens collection, then it´s fairly safe to say they will be one of next fall´s trends. I kinda like these more-than-one-season fads, because they make our wardrobes more sustainable - you don´t have to buy new stuff all the time. Also what inspired me about this collection was the Pugh signature leather triangles. Maybe I will not cover my black denims with these J.Dauphin FW08 inspired leather panels, but use triangles instead! This way I will be able to have more fun with the pattern to make it more flexible and breathable (more comfortable to use) and use the material (secondhand leather pants) more efficietly. Fantastic. Using smaller pieces also enables me to incorporate different colors to the design, like gray, violet or red leather.... Ideas are just flowing here!! I cannot wait to get started on this.

Images via Fashionisto.com.

Outi Les Pyy

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