DIY nailpolish denim by BleachBlack

I hope you´re not getting tired of me posting about projects by BleachBlack all the time... These girls just have so original and cool DIY. Kristin´s latest DIY project is treating denims with some old nailpolish!! I often see outdated nailpolish sold at charityshops but never buy them as they are no good for manicures after a while they are opened. I´m so happy this is yet an another discarded material that someone has found clever use for. I wonder if this also works for restyling some of my leather heels and purses??! I´m sure nailpolish will stay on the leather well. I once had an entire bottle of polish breakdown in my purse on an aeroplane and it was impossible to remove after drying. Nailpolish remover just made everything worse, because asetone melts plastic and does harm to so many materials. Maybe on denim it can be used to smear the color to get a more smudggy stain??? This treatment goes great with these Jackson Pollock styled DIY nailpolish cuffs I posted about last year. If you do decide to make this, do me a favor and check out the local charity shop and your own (or friends) drawers for used nailpolish and don´t go out to by any new ones for this project. If you do it kinda takes the "trash" out of Trashion.

Photo by Angelicak.

Outi Les Pyy

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