My own version of Balmain SS09?

I cannot get this collection out of my head.. Balmain Summer 2009. The decorated marching band jackets with shaped shoulders, studded pencil skirts and slim-cut bleached denims (droool..). Pure rock chic. I would love to create the look for myself since I could never buy the real one, but without good detailshots I´m just guessing. Fortunately some high end netshops have close-up shots! I found these from LuisaViaRoma. Click on the images to view them larger.

I bought this jacket from Nasty Gal Vintage a few days ago. Immediately I started thinking of my own Balmain styled marching jacket with handsewn zippers replacing the conventional embroideries.

I also need to get my hands on some pyramid studs to make the skirt, of course replacing a few layers with zippers.

The denim I´m pretty sure I can bleach propely, but before I do that I need to sew the knee darts, back leg darts and zippers in the legs. The micro pleats will be tricky though..

If I can find a similar colored denim for my jeans and enough studs, I could do this kind of studded applications.

Outi Les Pyy

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  2. Oeh I like the 6th picture, the jeans with the knee things! Where are they from? You will manage to sew them yourself? Wow!
    Love, Jantine