Green bag report #4

I´ve decided to make it a habit of reporting you all new crafters and brands I find that make fabulous green bags. I have to have one to match every pair of shoes I have.. I´m very particular about the accessories colors matching up. The whole "it bag" thing is just so ridigilous.. Of course it was a stroke of genious from the fashion marketing people that have made a ton of money in the last few years on accessories sales. Well the depression is here and thankfully more and more fashion consumers want to shop with a clearer conscience. In case you don´t seem to strike gold at the thrift and vintage shops or Ebay, the web is full of green brands and craft artists that design and manufacture stylish affordable bags to suit any fashion ethic (recycled, sustainable, vegan..).

Vegan Queen eco-luxury bags - VQ Monogram EZ Bag

Matt & Nat vegan designer bags

Beth Springer sustainable designer bags.

Teich sustainable design bags
Envelope clutch vegetable tanned leather, available from Etsy.

Baggage handmade leather bags, available from Etsy.

Culdesac recycled leather bags.

Hoakonhelga recycled leather bags. Available from Etsy.

Vivien Cheng hand painted vintage bags.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. I love all of those. Thanks for the great picks:)