DIY knit skirt/neckwrap and leg warmers

Turning a wool sweater bodice into a chunky neckwarmer and the sleeves to legwarmers is a eazybeazy thing. Just cut and sew straight. Nelliina added a full length zipper to her sweater collar (sewn on top of the knit) to be able to use it also as a skirt. Jennine from The Coveted left hers without zips. The secondhand knit is good to cut and sew beause it does not finge to easily as new knit.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Nii sulosta laittaa tolla tavalla säärystimet sukkisten ja korkokenkien kanssa : )

  2. Oh, you give us all so many great ideas, I get all eager to sew! But tomorrow it's archipelago and sauna, so I've got to hold myself back a bit.
    Thanks for making such an inspiring blog!