Doc Martens boots makeover

Here´s some punk DIY inspiration for you from, the Doc Martens boots makeover made by various designers and fashion labels. That corset looks just so Thierry Mugler styled! It reminds me of Too Funky music video by George Michael. Ah 1992!!!

Found via StyleBubble.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Docit ovat lempikenkäni ja tuunattuna näyttävät ylihienoilta! Helsinki 10:stä sais vintagemartenseja, mutta hinta on ehkä liian suolainen tuunauskokeiluihin! Hienoja hienoja!

  2. A perfect combination! My husband loves his Dr Martens from that era and "still" has them for that ever so rare, special night out at the club we enjoy.... time to time..

    And I loved that "Too Funky" video especially the motorcycle corset! My, the gal worked it! LOL

    That girl... (not 'that gal')