Hoiming Big Pocket bag

As discussed earlier this week, it seems everything has allready been invented and todays fashion is just a reinterpretation of itself. Most of the time I agree to this, but then I stumble upon something I have not seen before. Introducing the Big Pocket bag by Hoiming which I feel represents a new wave of recycled leather bag design.

Clutch magazine interviewd the designer duo on their latest design.
--In search of multi-dimensional expression, designers Hoiming Fung and Baldwin Pui have challenged the traditional structure and appearance of a woman’s “handbag”. "We love recycling, and hope other people do as well. This idea came up while we’ve found fine beautiful leather with good quality on some vintage leather jackets. We thought it would be a waste to leave the beautiful leather in the vintage shop while no one would appreciated them (since most of them were over-sized with out-dated cutting). We hope to give those old jackets new lives. In this collection we didn’t use it only as a piece of leather, but try to transform it into a concept of “wearing a bag”, a half-bag-half-jacket form, in order to make it from old-fashioned into super-cool." --

Found via Behind The Seams, one of my favorite blogs. If you´re intrested in eco fashion Behind The Seams is blog to read.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. So Cool!A shop in London called "Traid", do the same kind of recycling on clothes.

  2. This is CRAZY!! Never seen anything like this. So sheltered I am.