On sweater scarfs and keeping secrets

When I´m working on something new, I just can´t keep my mouth shut about it because I´m always so exited about the project. With the columns and stories to magazines for me it´s torture not to be able to post pictures or tell you about my latest projects before the issue is published. Sometimes it might take up to two months after the project is finished to when the magazine comes out. You can imagine for me it sometimes seems "old news" to publish about it...

You have not seen lately any pictures of my own trashion projects because I´m working on something BIG. Well, it´s the biggest project I´ve ever made and it envolves a sponsor... Omph.. Can´t tell you any more! It should be finished in a month or so. Meanwhile I´ll post about other peoples DIY fashions, like these scarfs from recycled sweaters by Fisheye3 I found from Flickr this morning. They look comfy and warm...

Top photo by Mrs.Maze

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Congrats! Whatever you're hinting about sounds exciting and I'm happy for you!