DIY Inspiration - Rad Hourani SS09 leather slasher pants

Here´s some inspiration for you DIY rocker chicks! I could never pull off the full on leather pants and finding a perfect pair at the thriftstore is a near impossibility. The wetlook leggings have also been a huge hit, but I´m not doing it since I don´t have skinny legs. Then today I found something that I´m able to make at home to get a bit closer to those leather pant oufits. I could get myself a pair of "Rad Hourani SS09 slasher pants" by reworkeing old black denims and some secondhand leather. Also the J.Dauphin leather panel pant looks very intresting. Found via The Ongoing Project.

Images: top left image by Rad Hourani and the center image from StyleList, top right, middle left, bottom left and 2nd image bottom left are all J. Dauphin, middle row right image and bottom right are Tripp NYC.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. aw, thanks for the mention. I'll keep you posted on how my DIY goes....

  2. I'm fall in love..... these pants!