My thrifting tips

PainfullyHip posted about their top-secret thrifting tips. She had many good advice and I thight I should also share my tips. Thrift shopping is a lovely hobby but it can fill up your wardrobe quickly if you´re not carefull. I have a rule that when ever I buy a bagfull I have to take the same amount of my un-used fashions to recycling. This way I keep my closets from overfilling and a healthy cycle in my wardrobe.

Weekend fleamarkets:
1. Be there early. All the best items sell out in the morning. But if you´re looking for bargains, stick around to the closing time. Sellers that are packing, sell their things super cheap!
2. Look for sellers that are about the same size/styled as you if you´re looking for clothing. If you´re looking for genuine vintage finds, old grannies and pappies have the best for sale.
3. Take your own tote bags with you. I´ve made myself one big canvas shoulder bag that will fit anything I find and it is confortable to carry even though its packed with stuff.
4. If the item has a small flaw you are able to haggle the price down a bit but don´t let it stop you from buying it! So many flaws can be mended or fixed.
5. Measuring tape is a must-have when there is no fitting rooms available. A medium sized pocket mirror helps when trying on sunglasses or hats.
6. Don´t buy pirated products! It´s just wrong and illegal. If you ask me they should not be allowed to be sold at fleamarkets anyway even though the might be used.
7. Buying used cosmetics is also a big no-no. Nobody knows how old the product is even though it´s still in an original package.. Old and used cosmetics and parfumes are not good for your skin.

Thrift stores:
1. Visit frequently. It´s the only way not to miss anything new.
2. Get to know the staff. As PainfullyHip suggests a smile and a friendly conversation makes them to remember you. And people do small favors for their friends.
3. Ask to be added to their mailinglist. Most shops have one.
4. Be a nice shopper, take the products back to where they were and pick up the ones you drop on the floor. Don´t leave a mess behind. Personally I loath people who think the staff is there only to clean up after them.
5. A measuring tape helps to find your size in clothes and it is a must in buying furniture. Do fit the clothes as much as often as possible.
6. I carry a small notebook with me that has pictures and notes on the items I´m looking for or need. It helps me not to make too many impulse buys.

Photos by Suzanneduda, Jaakko R and Interaura.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. quote: "Personally I loath people who think the staff is there only to clean up after them"

    - me too! Tell me about it!

    And this concerns any shop you're at. All you need is to ask, or make a little more effort.

  2. cut me off before i was finished!
    as i was saying,
    thanks for the tips on thrifting, i sometimes get out of shops a little overwhelmed and think is this worth it? but yeah it is and i think if i use some of your tips (duh measuring tape why havent i ever taken one with me?)i can make my trips a little easier thanks again!

  3. I definitely support the points 1, 2 and 4 at thrift stores. There's one where I go very often near my school, so I always check for new things; and the ladies - or at least some of them - already know me. One of them noticed I was buying neckties often, and she mentioned her friend who had lots of them, and promised to bring me some. And next week there was a nice little bag with neckties waiting for me under the counter - completely free of charge, of course!
    Point 4 is vital. Especially in this shop I mentioned. Many people come there, and often try to get the best buys as quickly as possible, which results in clothing lying on the groud etc. So the staff definitely appreciates everyone who's more polite to them by picking it and keeping order!