DIY trend - Black fringes

It´s funny sometimes to read similar posts from different fashion blogs that I´m sure is just a coincidence. It´s how trends are born. Today I was looking at DIY projects, all black (leather) fringes.

Here´s a DIY leather fringe bag by Sue. She also made a tutorial on how to make it.

DIY fringe and stud keyring by Valerie at BleachBlack.

Design Sponge featured a tutorial on how to make your own imitation of the hermes Carmen Key holder.

Black fringe skirt by Norwegian Wood.

So what´s the next project? Will this trend continue to footwear? Below gorgeous fringe heels from Alexander Wang SS09 collection. They´d make a perfect DIY fashionista set with Sue´s fringe bag or Val´s keychain. Plus maybe a A.Wang inspired DIY knit and Balmain ispired bleach denims!

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. I love all your diy's but when I try to get to Sue's blog is says invitation only :( do you think you could post her diys on this blog?

  2. Unfortunately I cannot get to Sue´s blog either.. Sorry.