Inspiration from Marc Jacobs Summer 2009

I´m currently into listening 20´s, 30´s and 40´s easy going smokey jazz tunes by Cole Porter, Billie Holiday, Al Bowlly and other wonderful artists of that age. I was thrilled to find Marc Jacobs had also taken some inspiration from everydaywear of the same era to his Summer 2009 collection. I adore those straw hats and calf length skirts and trousers combined with pleated flannel shirts. A bit frumpy ladylike 30´s recession chic! Perfect for these challenging times... I actually found a black straw hat like this last summer at a fleamarket. I haven´t worn it, but finally it found itself a killer look. I have to take some of these photos with me when going thrift hunting for spring to find similar shirts and skirts as in this collection. I´m so seeing myself next summer in a park with a picnic basket and some good (green) reading...

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. I really like the wide fabric obi style tie sash belts, lot's of DIY potential in them I think!