Market Publique

Market Publique is a new vintage webstore opening on March 9th. It will be a online marketplace not only for buying but also for selling your unused fashions. I cannot wait!! You can follow the updates on Market Publique blog.

"No more wondering if that ‘vintage’ t-shirt on eBay is really a new tee with a bad screenprint from somewhere around the world… No more big corporations hiking fees and making the feedback system unfair… No more running to other sites that offered better policies, even though they were not geared towards vintage… We wanted our own space, where we could bring together vintage buyers and sellers and create a community designed specifically for vintage. Thus, we decided to take advantage of our core competencies—our passion for vintage and our web design and development abilities—to create the space that existed in our minds."

I am SO there.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Thank you for featuring us on your blog! I am so glad you're as excited about Market Publique as we are!

    Also, I'm super glad I found your blog because your zipper necklaces ROCK!! I love them!!