Seven random things about me

There seems to be a challenge going around the blogosphere called "Seven random things about me". I decided to write it even though nobody really challenged me into it. Maybe due to an large ego or just that I tend to challenge myself on accation. :D Enjoy.

1. I used to think I had magic powers as a kid.
Yup.. I was 100% sure of it at the age of 8. I thought the best thing to fight off all the bullies at school was to use my imagination. I´m not saying that it worked since I´m sure people just thoght I was even more weird. Maybe I got the idea from watching tv series like Dream Of Genie and Jem And The Holograms from cabel tv. It is also where I learned to speak quite fluent English at the age of 7.

2. I sometimes hang out at airports just for the fun of it.
I love aeroplanes and airports. My bf sometimes takes me to have coffee at Helsinki International airport. We just sit there and watch travelling people on their way and look at the aeroplanes. My dream profession was to be a flight captain and one of my secret favorite movies is TopGun. I´m a sucker for retro flight attendant uniforms and fighter pilots.

3. I´ve shook David Hasselfoff´s hand in 1985.
I was a hude Night Rider fan as a kid (who wouldn´t have been?). David came to Helsinki for his Night Rider concert(!) and after it all the kids had the opportunity to meet Mr. Hasselhoff in person and see the real KIT car. I think we qued about two hours with hundreds of kids, but got his signature :) Apparently they are refilming the series... I wonder if it also be aired in Finland soon.. Can a 30-year old still watch it???

4. I´m affraid of water.
Due to an unfortunate event at the local swimming hall at the age of 4, I´ve always been affraid of water. I love looking at the sea from the shore and listening to the wawes, but boating and swimming I hate. The idea of suddenly being complitely surrounded by water just makes me panic.

5. I adore bunnies.
Some are dog-people, some cat-people. I´m cool with small rodents and have had them as pets from the age of 9. At the same time I loath cute and cuddly things and have no trouble wearing secondhand rabbit fur garments.. It´s a paradox. My favorite bunnies are Bugs Bunny and the killer rabbit from Monty Pythons Holy Grail. They kick ass.

6. I collect bones.
I have a small collection of real rodent skulls and bones. I find them to be beautiful and fascinating things. Maybe someday I´ll do an Alexander McQueen styled collection out of them. This is why I also love trips to the Natural History Museum in Helsinki.

7. My engagement ring is not made of silver or gold.
It´s handcarved from titanium. I love it´s smoked silver coloring and the fact that titanium is so strong that I will never be able to brake or scratch it.

Later note: Kelli from Happy Place Design had in fact challenged me :) I just found out about it later on today..

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Outi Les Pyy

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  1. You are only the 2nd person I have ever heard of to collect bones. This guy is the first. He is an artist, too!

  2. I actually tagged you last week but I don't think my comment went through... heh

  3. That´s funny :D Telepathy! I´ll fix the post accordingly. Thanks Kelli!

  4. Well, Georgia O' Keefe also collected bones, so you are in good company. And that's so interesting that you learned English from cartoons. But I thought it was 16 random things? Janavi